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Sounding Sky back to the One Arrow Reserve,
and see If they could not use him as a decoy to.
catch their quarry.

When a short time later Almighty Voice re-
turned to the camp on one of his periodic visits
and found his father there, the two of them went
Into secret conference. His father told me that
when this conference was over, 'Almighty Voice
did not want to hide any more.5 He went out
and said to his mother:

'The next time the mounted police come into
this camp, I am going to show myself and fight it
out with them/

The mounted police had been right In their sup-
position; for a week had not passed when one of
their half-breed informers saw Sounding Sky
crossing a certain corner of the reserve at an un-
usual time of the day, and he knew that Almighty
Voice was In the vicinity. He went back and
tipped off the police.

The next morning Inspector James Wilson, in
charge of the Duck Lake Post, dispatched two
mounted police constables and a half-breed scout,
named Napoleon Venne, to ride out to the reserve
and take their man.

Venne, the half-breed scout, told me that they
rode up to the big Indian camp in the Minne-
chinas Hills, and stopped in the trail in front of it
and got off their horses. They made believe